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azure devops migration tools - Original TFS Description Work Item field type is HTML - destination is text. How can I change destination type?

I am trying to migrate data from TFS server to Azure DevOps cloud using the migration tool TFS to VSTS – Work Items Migration(https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=nkdagility.vsts-sync-migration).

I am now migrating the work Item type of "Product Backlog Item" and the Field name "Description" and the data from description is not migrating over. When I compare the two I see that the original is of field type "Html" and the destination is "Text" and I assume that this might be the issue.

I try to change the field type in the destination to "Html" but it will not allow any change to it at all. I assume that "Description" is a default field in Azure Dev Ops with its type set to "Text".

Is there a way to change this? If not how do I migrate it over if this is my issue?

In the image the top part shows the Azure Dev Ops Description field and it being set to text. The bottom shows the original TFS with the Description field set to HTML:

enter image description here

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