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In C# how can I create an array of arrays based on an array of objects?

I have an array of 4 objects. These objects are all of the same type and have many fields. I want to extract the fields Name, Code and Date from each object, put those values in a new array (one new array for each object) and then place these new arrays in an array. So I'd end up with an array like


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Quite easy with LINQ:

//Assuming you have a variable "list" with your objects
var list = ........

var newList = list.Select(x => new[] { x.Name, x.Code, x.Date }).ToArray();

(shamefully not tested, pure notepad developing)

The first Select creates a new array for each object, containing the 3 elements from the 3 properties. The final ToArray call creates a new array containing the result of the Select, that is, each object turned into an array.

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