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reference - SolidWorks VBA - Translating API Help into useable code

I'd like to do what feels like a fairly simple task, and I've found the specific API Help pages which should make it clear, but, I can't actually make things work.

The Key steps that I would like to achieve are:

  1. Rename the active document
  2. Update References to this document to accommodate new name
  3. Save active document.

This help page shows the Usage for renaming the doc, and under the "Remarks" heading, includes links to the next two steps, mentioning them off hand as if implementing them would be easy. https://help.solidworks.com/2020/English/api/sldworksapi/SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks~SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks.IModelDocExtension~RenameDocument.html?verRedirect=1

The trouble is, I'm a bit of a VBA beginner - usually I get by with the 'record' function, and then tidying things up from there - but undertaking the steps above manually doesn't result in anything being recorded at all for one reason or another.

Assuming I am able to pass in the item to be renamed (I'll define a variable at the start of the Sub for this e.g. swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc), and the new name (NewName = "NEW NAME HERE"), How would I translate the Help API into a Sub that I can actually run?

Two of them suggest declaring as a Function, and one as a Public Interface - I've never used these before - do these just run in a standard Module? Do I need to write a 'master Sub' to call the different functions sequentially, or could these be included directly in the sub, if they're only to be used once?

[Feeling a little lost - it's demoralizing when the help files aren't all that helpful]

Let me know if there's any more information missing that I can add to improve my question - as I said, I'm fairly new to this coding thing...

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