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r - Is there a way to fix errata in Rdocumentation.org?

I use R pretty often and I have noticed that while checking any package's documentation at RDocumentation.org, some pages have errata so I'd like to help fix them if possible. I can't find any way to contact the website team. Any ideas?

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I believe RDocumentation.org scrapes its information directly from CRAN/GitHub sources of packages, so it makes more sense to try to contact the package maintainers upstream.

Contributed packages

  • if a package is on GitHub, you can
    • fork the repository, fix the documentation errors yourself, and submit a pull request
    • record a GitHub issue (if there is an open issues list)
    • you might want to check to see if there is a README about contributions to see what the maintainers prefer
  • if the package is on CRAN, you can go to its CRAN page (e.g. here) and see if there is a development URL or BugReports: field in the description
  • if all else fails, the maintainer's e-mail is always available via maintainer("pkg_name")

Base packages

If you find documentation errors in packages that are maintained by R-core (unlikely but possible), you should probably start a discussion on the [email protected] mailing list. Alternately, you can request write access to the R bug tracker (see here).

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